Happy New Year!

1 Jan


This is the day…  Dump the leftovers, head to the gym, start browsing the community college catalogs… This is the day we start our resolutions.

This is also the official birthday of Without A Map.  1.1.11.  Write it down for posterity because you’re going to want to tell your grandchildren: You were there.

It’s kind of crazy where you can end up when you’re not planning too hard. When I started blogging about a year ago over at Simply Sunshine, I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did. I really just wanted an outlet for sharing some of my craftiness and other projects, but when we made the switch to focusing more on our own projects in December, I decided I had more to share. And I knew some pretty great people who I wanted to hear more from.

Here’s where I come back to resolutions.  Whenever I’ve made a change in my life, I’ve discovered that it is a million times easier to change when you know why you’re changing.  You need to have a purpose that you really believe in.  So while my blogging buddies and I know basically what we want to write about (living creatively, being in touch with nature and exploring our world), the more important issue is to know why we are writing.

I’m writing because it makes me happy.  It gives me a sense of accomplishment to share things that inspire me with the world.  I like being a part of an online community (especially you crafty types!).  In the last year, I’ve taken up more hobbies than I normally would have because I thought it might make a good blog entry.   I think blogging makes me a better person.

As for the other bloggers here, they have their own reasons.  I’ll let them share those with you in their own introductions this month.

I’m looking forward to spending the year (and beyond) with you.  You can expect recipes, stories, craft projects, inspiration, and all sorts of tips to brighten your day.

Happy New Year and welcome to Without a Map!



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