An Egg-celent Idea

14 Jan

Groooan.  Sorry for the pun.  It’s all that Saturday morning NPR my mom made me listen to as a child.

The other day I ran across this post on how to make a perfect hard boiled egg.  At first, I thought “Who out there actually needs advice on how to boil water with eggs in it?”  Then, I realized, “Oh, me.”

Since I too am victim to the egg shells that remove half the egg white with it, I promptly followed said instructions.  I was doing quite good up until the “let rest for 10-15 minutes” directive.  I usually throw my eggs in the water to boil right after I get out of the shower, let them boil while I get ready and then practically juggle the boiling eggs out of the scalding water and take them to work.

I needed a method for letting the eggs cool down slowly while still being able to make it to work on time.  That’s when I did this:


I put some of the still hot water and two of the eggs into my coffee thermos.  It has a lid that seals almost perfectly so I could throw it in my bag without much fear of water leaking out.  At work, I took off the lid to let it cool down and by the time I wanted to put hard boiled egg on my salad for lunch, it was perfect.

No tearing off large chunks of egg white, no blistered fingers.  And… a bonus!

Double yolk oh my god!

I decided a few months ago I would only buy eggs from the farmers market because I was depressed about the way conventional layers are treated.  Every egg I’ve got at this one stand has  a double yolk.  I haven’t talked to the seller about it yet, but I’m intrigued.  Any idea (besides crazy antibiotics, which they don’t use) why such a thing would happen?


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