3 Places to Explore on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

17 Jan

The Lincoln Memorial; Washington D.C.

The Civil Rights Memorial, Southern Poverty Law Center; Montgomery, Alabama

Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site; Little Rock, Arkansas

I have to admit that I have not been to any of these places yet.  In fact, I hopped on the computer today intending to get some work done and I was only marginally aware of the fact that today was Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Sure, I knew that it was a holiday but I hadn’t really stopped to think about why.  It wasn’t until I saw the doodle on Google’s homepage that I found myself searching for archival footage of “I Have a Dream.”

So please forgive me if this post seems like an afterthought, because that is truthfully what it is.  In the day to day crush it is all too easy to forget about the past.   While Dr King’s dream has not yet been unconditionally realized, I am overwhelmed when I pause to think about how far it has brought us.

You can find a cool interactive map of other places associated with the Civil Rights movement here.

~ Robin


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