Swap Swap Swapity Swap

2 Feb

Back in the day, I  loved participating in craft swaps. I always used Craftster because that’s pretty much the place to be for creative people that love to give great items and know what they want in return.

Then, life happened.  My swap history on Craftster tells the story:
5/07 Awesome swapper!  Positive feedback.
6/07 Sent late with good communication. Positive feedback.
11/07 Did not send out claim.  Angel requested.  Negative feedback.
Negative feedback means you’re on the “no-fly” list of swappers.  I was done.  I wasn’t being very reliable in any other part of my life at the time and, well, swapping wasn’t the first thing I rushed to save when I was going under.

Fast forward three years (that’s now!) and I received a notice from some Craftster mods saying that 1)I got another negative for going about changing my user name wrong…oops and 2)They were holding a “second chance” swap so users with negatives could have a chance to redeem themselves.  After asking myself repeatedly if I was really sure I wanted to delve into swapping again, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity.  I just sent out package #1 today.

Oh, I am so glad I didn’t just leave Craftster Swapland for good!  I forgot what I really like about swapping… it jump starts my creativity big time.  In this particular swap, paid members posted a wishlist and the penitents chose a few items to send them from that list.  The majority of my items were from ideas, patterns or recipes I’d created myself.  For someone who normally follows directions, at least nominally, that’s a pretty big accomplishment  It also gives me some great projects to share with you this month!

This is what you have to look forward to.  Links will be added as the patterns become available.

Round Bottom Drawstring Bag

Spiced Grapefruit Marmalade

Clay Impression Pendants

She also received a pair of Thai Wrap Pants mostly based on this pattern, but she’s smaller than me so I looked ridiculous trying to model them. There will be a pair for myself in the future.



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