Clay Impression Pendants

4 Feb

Not so long, Robin posted about her enabling roommate, Sara.  I would like to say, for the record, that she was totally the pot that called the kettle black.  Thanks to her experimentation, I too have fallen prey to that hard street drug they call “polymer clay.”

It started with a simple idea, which I think has been done somewhere and probably successfully, but my grand plan was not so successful.  I wanted to make up some goodies for my swap partner and Robin seemed to be having so much fun with Sculpey that I thought I’d give it a try, too.  I was going to make a leaf pendant with one color clay on the inside.  Then, I would wrap that clay in a thin layer of a second color and scratch off the outer layer in an outline of a leaf.  It did kind of work, but the end result couldn’t even be passed off as kitschy or rustic.  I’ve seen more interesting jewelry from five-year-olds.

Instead of giving up and tossing out all my newly bought clay, I started rolling out thin pendants of clay and making impressions in them.   Look, I know this isn’t anything revolutionary, but I was impressed with myself for thinking it up without obsessively checking out all the polyclay tutorials I could possibly find on the net.


I made the first batch by making impressions from a bracelet I bought at a winery.  I loved all the designs on it, but the bracelet broke and I never remember to buy a new clasp for it.

1296436207727 1296436341561

After that batch, I used a necklace to make a lacy impression in the clay. In this one, I pushed in an eye pin so I didn’t have to make a hole, then cut trimmed the ends up a bit to center the design and square it up a bit.


Of these, I particularly like the one with the silver beads. The background was made by rolling a screw over the clay. Then, I placed the beads in to look like gears. The other pendants were all made using a clear stamp set I rushed off to purchase while I was still heavily under the influence of clay fumes.

1296110637035 1296435799280

The pendant on the left was made by rolling that little  pine cone (it’s from a Giant Sequoia) over the surface for texture and then adding my little leaf.  I made the colorful pendant on the right by first stamping the impression, and then adding little bits of clay to fill it in.  The result isn’t perfect, but I think It’s more interesting than the plain version.  The little flower on the bottom right is destined to be an earring.

To finish them off, I baked them as per instructions and applied glaze.  After that, I just attached a jump ring and a clasp.  Since I have so many (and I sent a few to my swap partner) I chose an easy way to switch out pendants.  With the clasp I can just attach them to whatever chain I’m wearing, or even add a couple to the same chain.

So, yes.  I’m a little addicted to playing with clay right now.  Thanks for not judging me.



One Response to “Clay Impression Pendants”

  1. Samantha February 8, 2011 at 8:21 pm #

    They are actually pretty cute. If I were you I would consider trying them out on Esty.

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