Make Your Own Vegetable Stock

5 Feb

My latest thing seems to be trying to use as much of something as I can.  Reusing leftovers, making them into something else until it’s gone.  Well, towards the end of December I found a bag of root veggies at the store.  The bag included carrots, parsnips, turnips, etc.  I’ve been eyeing this every season for years now.  I wanted to make something tasty out of it!

First, I took all the roots and chopped them up.  Poured oil and spices (I think I had most of a poultry herb mix lying around) over them and baked them.  That was dinner the first night.  Of course the boyfriend wouldn’t touch any of it but the carrots, so there were lots of left overs.

So I took the leftovers, dumped it in a pot and added enough water to cover the veggies.  I cooked it for about an hour and strained all the vegetables out.  Sadly, this is where the reusing ends.  I *really* wanted to puree these down, but I didn’t have a food processor, nor did I have a heavy cream to add…maybe next time!


From here, I let it cool down and then poured it into ice cube trays.  I only have two, so this took me until the next day to finish (I get creative late at night).  I let the trays sit overnight and then broke the cubes into a freezer bag and repeated the process until it was done.  I’m actually using it tonight (told ya, late at night…) to make some Quinoa Cakes.  If those turn out well, there will be a recipe for those too.

My tips from this process:

  • Have trays specifically for broth, or flavorful items.  After several washes I can still smell the spices.  Though, mine may just be cheap plastic.
  • Measure out a cup of broth and count the number of cubes it fills.  WRITE THIS DOWN, you’ll need it later for recipes.

It was really simple to do, and it’s a great way to make your own stock and use up vegetables (or left over meat and poultry).

Now back to the kitchen with me!  🙂




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