Seeking the Muses

9 Apr

This is all a bit random, so I’m resorting to a list.


Polyhymnia,  Muse of Eloquence.  From the series “Apollo and the Muses” by Charles Meynier.  Displayed at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

1. Our power finally came back on at about 8:30 on Sunday, just in time for us to celebrate Earth Hour. Kudos to those of you who celebrated it, I excused myself on account of having already celebrated Earth Hour for an entire week.

2. Ironically, since regaining my ability to post to the blog at my convenience I’ve been fumbling around with a crippling case of writer’s block.

3. That is until about 3:30 in the morning. (This has made me doubtful that the muses are anything like the angelic paragons of inspiration that Monsieur Meynier painted.  I’m convinced they are malicious conniving harpies with a thoroughly twisted sense of humor.)


Apollo, God of Light Elogquence, Poetry and the Fine Arts with Urania, Muse of Astronomy by  Charles Meynier.  Displayed at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

4. Really Urania, Apollo isn’t that dreamy. Pull yourself together woman.

5. Speaking of pulling it together, I’m very happy that congress did not shutdown the government last night.  I am really enjoying working in and exploring the park and would like to continue doing both of them.

6. Far more inspiring than the muses are the friends I’ve been making here.


They climb rock walls, play in bands, hike, take pictures, ski, paint, and lord knows what else.  They are one of the biggest distractions that I have had the pleasure of knowing.



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