It’s Fashion Week… Apparently

3 May

Maybe it’s the royal wedding that’s gotten us all in a tizzy (disclaimer: I slept through the royal wedding), but it seems that the fashion bug has been a-buzzin’.  Or maybe I was just so inspired by Robin’s impeccably put-together ensemble from earlier this week that I felt the need to do a fashion post of my own.

Last weekend, I went up to Yosemite to visit the fashion guru herself.  On Saturday, there was this big to-do in her little mountain community called Spring Fling.  It began with a craft / art fair.  Since you basically have to submit a stellar multimedia portfolio using only upcycled materials and acorns in order to live in El Portal, I was treated to more creativity than I thought possible in such a small concentration.

One very popular vendor sold thrifted clothing which she had screen printed.  Robin and I both scooped up some great finds (I love my flowy purple top with an owl on the back and my short-sleeved mustard yellow pullover).  One of Robin’s discoveries was a long breezy-looking dress with a raven on the skirt.  Unfortunately, when we took turns trying it on at home it made us both look like boxes.

Raven Dress
Pardon the funny look. I just bought a new camera that will take your picture if you wink at it. A good idea in theory.

Neither of us wanted the dress to go to waste, so I commandeered it back to the OC and did a little reconstructive surgery, as we do in SoCal.


The transformation was pretty easy.  I just folded over about an inch at the top for a casing, made a hole and strung the drawstring that was originally used to tie back the waist through the casing.  I was going to make a nice buttonhole opening, but my sewing machine didn’t seem to like working with the fabric and gave up after the first side.  The fabric is pretty non-fray though so it wasn’t a problem.  I also sewed the slits on the sides down another 7 inches so I didn’t flash everyone and their grandmother pretty much whenever I moved.

I’m excited to have a doubly upcycled new skirt.  Yeah, I know Robin bought it and I should give it back to her if I want to be a good friend, but I kind of want the skirt more. 🙂



One Response to “It’s Fashion Week… Apparently”

  1. Mark j May 28, 2013 at 6:26 pm #

    You look great. Nice job.

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