How to: Yo-Yo Headband

10 Jun

Remember that headband I gave away for the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway?  Well, here’s a story.  I was a little sad that I didn’t take process photos to share a how-to with you, but I rarely get motivated enough for a second version of the same project to write a real tutorial.  Someone must have been smiling on tutorial hounds though, because I packed up headband #1, got it ready to send and promptly misplaced it.  Knowing I needed to send ASAP to the winner, I quickly whipped up a duplicate and this time was able to take pictures to share the process with y’all.

You Will Need:
Scrap fabric in different patterns.
Needle and thread
1 piece of felt
1 plastic headband (you can get these at Target)
Hot glue gun and glue

Start by cutting out some circles from fabric.  A bunch of circles in all different sizes.  Use water bottles, candles, pots, yogurt cups, anything circular for your templates.  The yo-yos shrink down about 50% once you sew them so don’t be afraid to go bigger than you think.  For a headband you’ll need 7-12, but the more you make, the more choices you have with the design.

Make some yo-yos.  I was going to show you how to do that, too, but this tutorial is great and has much more awesome pictures than I could take. The yo-yo making is by far the most time-consuming step of the process and it doesn’t take very long, especially if you’re an experienced hand sewer.

I iron my yo-yos down before I start working with them.

Arrange the yo-yos. This is the fun part. Just start placing them until they look pretty.  Generally they should be in a semi-oval cluster.  Glue them together with hot glue. Just a dab in the corner that will be attached is perfect. Any more and you’ll end up with a gooey mess.


Place your glued-together cluster of yo-yos on a piece of felt. Outline the yo-yo cluster onto the felt and cut out the resulting shape. Cut a bit inside the outline so the felt doesn’t hang over the edge. Hot glue the bottom of the cluster of yo-yos to the felt.

Position the cluster onto your headband. I use a permanent marker to roughly mark the bottom and top of where the cluster will sit near the side of my head. Then, super glue between those two marks and carefully place your cluster onto the glue line.

Finished headband.

You can add buttons, ribbons, or pins to the centers of the yo-yos for additional flair, but I like it just as it is.

If you decide to make any yo-yo headbands, send me a link!



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