The Gracious Granville Girls

27 Jul
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No, I’m not dead.  I’ve just been away from the blog for awhile.  I don’t have April’s excuse of bouncing around the country for the past month, (but I’ll let her tell you more about her own wanderings.)  Even Andy the “lazy man” has managed to bike over 50 miles a day and update his blog more than I have.

I have shuffled back to Ohio to enjoy the summer heat and humidity, and my time not blogging has mostly been taken up by crafting.  However, I did manage an expedition to Granville, Ohio, to visit my friends Grace and Mary.

The week I spent in Granville was fantastic, so fantastic that I’m having a hard time finding the words to describe it.  After I got home my friend Jeff said “I don’t know what the female equivalent of a bromance is, but you are clearly in one with Grace.”


The two of them have an extremely odd and terribly infectious idea of what “fun” is.  Here Grace and I were slathering ourselves with mud and leaves to play camouflage.


Mary and Grace are both dedicated to sustainable living and are transforming their house into a homestead.  They let me help them battle tomato worms in their garden, drool over cheese making supplies, and riffle through their books about beekeeping and breadmaking.  Mary gave me the courage to try this ricotta cheese recipe from Smitten Kitchen when I got home.  It was easy, it came out wonderfully, and I took her advice and added a teaspoon of honey for cheesecake-like bliss.


We also continued exploring the mounds that Mary piqued my interest in the the last time I visited.  We saw what we could of the Octagon section of Newark Earthworks.  Unfortunately, very little of the Octagon is open to public access on most days because it is currently inhabited by a golf course.  We also ventured to two effigy mounds that were built by Fort Ancient peoples, the Alligator Mound in Granville and the Serpent Mound in Southern Ohio.

What with all the Indian mounding going on it wasn’t surprising that one of our jam sessions turned into us naming ourselves “The Mound Glow Girls.”

If anyone in this video is destined to be an overnight internet sensation it’s Sam, who was acting all cute and adorable when I set up the camera and promptly started licking himself the second we hit the “record” button.

All of this fun and excitement has got me plotting ways to get Grace and Mary to move back to California with me in the fall.  Thus far all attempts at flattery, bribery, and hypnosis have been unsuccesful.  The leaflet campaign will be commencing shortly, but if anyone knows a Jedi please tell them I would be willing to trade their services for homemade ricotta.



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