A Canning Cocktail

9 Aug

I’ve been gone!  And you’ve missed me! (Don’t lie, I know you have) I’m settled back home and am finally getting into the swing of things.   As promised, I will share photos of my adventures in the near future, but for now I’ve got other good things to share.

This weekend I had time to spend a day in the kitchen making a mess canning.  I have this weird thing about wanting to can things I would not be interested in eating.  To be honest, I don’t even really like jelly or jams.  Every now and then I’ll go through a “I forgot how awesome PB&J is” phase, but that’s the extent of it.  Case in point: I dislike peach flavored things.  I like peaches, but unless they are in their whole form, I could care less.  This weekend at the farmers’ market, tested my resolve since peaches were all the rage.  I’d planned on canning whatever looked best, so home I returned with a bag of peaches.

After about three minutes looking at recipes, I realized my dilemma.  I was just not going to enjoy eating any of these recipes, as interesting as they were.  Then, I had a brilliant realization:

I could eat anything as long as there’s liquor in it.

So, with a mixture of searching around the liquor cabinet and some online investigation, I settled on a peach concoction that I can’t wait to try. Peach Amaretto Jam. A lot of the recipes of the same sort use butter, but I didn’t feel safe water bath canning butter, so I used this one instead. But that’s not the real purpose of this post.

See, I didn’t use all that much amaretto for the jam so I just had to pour some into a glass.  I mean, what’s the point in cooking with alcohol otherwise?  And then while skimming off the foam when the jam reached a boil, I had a revelation (yeah, another one).


Doesn’t this just LOOK good?  If peach and amaretto taste good in a jam it tastes way better in a cocktail.  I probably dolloped too much of the foam over the amaretto and ended up with a pretty sugary cocktail so you should definitely invite your friends over and serve everyone from one batch of jam. And the combinations are pretty endless.  Blueberry jam foam on top of vodka.  Strawberry or mango with rum.  I found this cool site that offers up suggestions for taste pairings, which is useful for canning in general as well as cocktail-making.

So what do you think of my invention?  Yay or nay?  What combos would you try?

Oh yeah, guys… remember the Not-So-Lazy Giveaway is still open.  I’ve seen a lot of the goodies in person and they are definitely worth an entry, even if you hate bicyclists.

~April (in Autumn)


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