Rampant Beauty

5 Sep

I am back in Yosemite and once again I am feeling completely overwhelmed. This might be related to the fact that I have been here for a week and I’ve slept in a bed for only two of those nights. (Three, once I move all the stuff that’s been piled up on top of it while I unpack.)

The other part, however, is that whenever I try to describe my road trip I’ve been at a complete loss for words. Cross country trips make you realize just how big, sprawling, diverse, and scenic the United States is. It’s hard to fit it all into something smaller than a novel.

Then, while we were cruising towards the East Side of Yosemite, my friend Emily used a phrase that I fell in love with and commandeered immediately. She said that Yosemite is full of “rampant beauty.” She is entirely correct in applying this phrase to Yosemite but I think it also perfectly summarizes my trip. I still want write more about the places and people that I visited but for now I can only manage those two words: rampant beauty.


Monks Mound at Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site, Illinois


Sunrise near Lake Hefner, Oklahoma.


I can’t figure out how they managed to cram so much sky into the state of Texas.


Painted Desert at Petrified Forest National Park.


Gnarled Ponderosa pine near Flying M Ranch.


Lake Mormon, Coconino National Forest.


Kelso Dunes in Mohave National Preserve


Ok, fine.  Three words:  rampant beauty and…. puppies.



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