Countdown to Halloween: Halloween on Etsy

5 Oct

My roommate likes to say that Target is the place that paychecks go to die.  Mine have definitely suffered some life-threatening injuries there, but if I had to choose one battle royale arena for my hard earned cash it would be Etsy.  Combine unique handmade creations with Halloween and you have a failproof income drain.

Here are some of my favorite Halloween finds on Etsy this year.

Day of the Dead shoes from Em & Sprout

Zombie Horde Table Luminary by Mink’s Paperie

Halloween Bat Mug by Mr. Teacup

Spooky Houses Halloween Necklace by SMAfactory

Under a Halloween Moon Tree of Life Pendant by Phoenix Fire Designs

Scary Skull Air Plant Garden by EarthSeaWarrior

Werewolf Halloween Soap by Lippincott Soap Co

You Staked My Heart Lovers 2-piece Necklace Set by Corso Studio



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