Countdown to Halloween: Activity Cards

17 Oct

A year has passed since I made my Halloween countdown calendar and you would have thought that some time in the last 365 days I would have made an awesome replacement for the grow-your-own werewolf that hops from pocket to pocket, but then you would be wrong.  In fact, I lost said werewolf for a bit and he was replaced by a koala holding an Australian flag.  Very Halloweeny, those koalas.

I wasn’t losing any sleep over it, but then I saw a cute idea on Pinterest, where all cute ideas these days reside.  The blog All Things Simple presented the idea of substituting candy for activity cards in your Advent calendars so you could have a fun activity every day leading up to Christmas.  In the tradition of Jack Skellington, I decided to co-opt this Christmas tradition and give it a Halloween makeover.

Below you’ll find a pdf with cards of Halloween activities to put into your Halloween countdown calendar.  If you don’t have a countdown calendar, you can just put them in a jar, or better yet, one of these.  There are more activities than days so you can take out your least favorites.

Countdown to Halloween Activities

If you have a Halloween tradition that you would add to this list, I’d love to hear it.

~ April


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