Countdown to Halloween: Halloween on Youtube

24 Oct

Did you know you can relive your childhood on Youtube?

I didn’t, until I started looking for Halloween videos for the Halloween countdown.  I was amazed how I, a child of the late 80’s, managed to  watch a lot of films that were made long before either of my parents were born.  Maybe you will remember some of these too:

Remember when you first heard the crooning voice of Bing Crosby?  Even Tim Burton couldn’t help but pay homage to this classic:

How about the time when Melissa Joan Hart guest starred in an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Remember how she was the epitome of all things cool when you were nine?

Remember how these dancing skeletons were a lot scarier after your mom took the big blow-up skeleton you were obsessed with and played with like it was a morbid life-sized doll and moved it from the kitchen chair where you had left it to the couch when you weren’t looking and then told you he probably just moved because he wanted to lie down and take a nap?

Ok, that last one may have just been me.

What brings back Halloween memories for you?



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