Countdown to Halloween: Halloween in Orange County

25 Oct

I go to Disneyland a lot.  This isn’t because I’m a die-hard Disney fan, but because it’s convenient.  I can see the Matterhorn from the roof of my condo.  I know when it’s 9:30 because that’s when the fireworks go off.  I literally live on the same street.

Despite living in in such close proximity to the park for four years and having an annual pass for two of them, I had never been to Halloween Time at Disney before last week.  As far as I know, Disney World doesn’t have the same celebration as Disneyland so it’s kind of fun to be unique.  The top two attractions are Space Mountain, which transforms into Ghost Galaxy and The Haunted Mansion, which gets decked out in Nightmare Before Christmas style, but the entire park gets its own makeover.


Pumpkins and signs on Main Street.


A Dia de los Muertos band.


Countdown to Christmas at the Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion.


Ghost Galaxy sign.

This post is titled Halloween in Orange County, not just Halloween at Disney and I was able to do that because of one picture:


This is the hot air balloon at the Orange Great Park. The park is an ex-military base now dedicated to different gardens, a weekly farmers’ market and family activities. Its crowning jewel is a big orange balloon that anyone can board for free rides. I was so excited to see its transformation into a jack-o-lantern for Halloween!

What are your favorite Halloween activities in your neck of the woods?

~ April


One Response to “Countdown to Halloween: Halloween in Orange County”

  1. Ford Orange County November 7, 2011 at 3:14 pm #

    I never knew Disneyland had a Halloween celebration either; the giant pumkin and blue skeletor look amazing.

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