Countdown to Halloween: Autumn Beer

29 Oct

I love pumpkins and I love beer so it’s no surprise I love pumpkin beer.  There are several great microbreweries in the area and I love sampling their Fall selections.  My favorite this year is the newbie.  Old Orange Brewing has a pumpkin spice beer that has a great balance that makes it not too pumpkiny, but it still imparts that Fall flavor.  This post highlights my old standby though, Autumn Maple by The Bruery.  As the name suggests, Autumn Maple isn’t exactly a pumpkin beer.  Instead they blend yams, fall spices, maple syrup and molasses into the beer making it typical for the season without being predictable.  One year I had the opportunity to taste it brewed with pinecones!


While these beers are excellent on their own, a friend’s husband introduced me to a new way to enjoy them.  Just like every margarita is better with a salt rim, every pumpkin beer you drink this season should have a pumpkin spice rim.


To make a pumpkin spice rim, grab a used (and cleaned) butter, cottage cheese or yogurt container.  Add:

1/4 cup brown sugar
1T nutmeg
1T cinnamon
1T cloves
2t allspice

Mix everything together, then pour a bit of it out in the lid (or pour it onto a plate).  Before pouring your beer, wet the rim of the glass thoroughly with water.  Lightly dip the rim into your spices that are on the lid or plate.  Move it around and get it good and coated.

Add your beer and you’re done.

I haven’t found a Fall beer that is hurt by this concoction.  It only makes them better.



One Response to “Countdown to Halloween: Autumn Beer”

  1. foodyrach October 29, 2011 at 9:40 am #

    This looks great. I want to try it. I’m a huge beer fan, myself. My boyfriend went on a mission to find the Canadian Breakfast Stout from Founder when it came out.

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