Countdown to Halloween: Halloween Hodge Podge

31 Oct

Happy Halloween everyone!  After a month of posts celebrating my favorite holiday, it’s finally here.  Since my Halloween celebrations are pretty much over for the day, let me share my off-the-hook* Halloween weekend 2011 with all of you.

*not intended as a factual descriptor


The bf and I went to a Plants vs. Zombies themed Halloween party.  I’d never played the game before (and still haven’t).  I knew immediately I wanted to be a plant, and after a slight disappointment that wheat wasn’t a character, I settled on the cactus.  The bf dressed as a pea shooter and I think we made a good pair.


Although everyone kept congratulating me on his costume, it was all him. I helped with some hot gluing, but other than that I can’t take credit.


On Saturday, the kitchen was one big pumpkin explosion.  I whipped out my Halloween cooking gear (which is really my year-round cooking gear).


I made pumpkin soup and Trader Joe’s pumpkin bread (with half a jar of their pumpkin butter added to the mix).


My mom sent me a package of zombie cupcake toppers so I adorned my pumpkin bread with them.  After a pit stop at The Bruery Provisions to try the elusive Black Tuesday, it was back home to carve pumpkins.  Yeah, drinking and then using sharp knives.  Amazingly, there were no injuries.


Halloween is always fun at work.  We’re allowed to dress up in costumes all day.  At lunch, we have tostadas, a costume contest and a pumpkin carving contest.  I went as a cactus again and was in the running for best costume among some heavy contenders.
Mother Earth in an all-recycled costume.

Me, a “Godzilla knock-off”, Michelangelo, and a Kat Von D inspired costume.

There were some awesome pumpkins, too, but I only took a picture of mine. I came in 3rd in the pumpkin carving contest. The other winners were a craft pumpkin decorated like a carousel and a pumpkin carved into a Day of the Dead shrine.


There was a strobe light flickering inside, which made it a little more menacing.

That’s all for my Halloween this year. I’d place it pretty high on my internal Halloween-rating scale. How’s your Halloween been so far?

~ April


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