Día de los Muertos (with a necklace tutorial)

3 Nov

Although Halloween is over, there’s still a little bit of the Halloween spirit held over into November for Día de los Muertos.  At work, we celebrate this day by bringing in pictures of our loved ones, writing their names on cards and having a small memorial service.  I never celebrated the day outside of Spanish class before moving to California and I’ve developed quite an appreciation for it.  It feels so nourishing to gather as a community to remember those we’ve lost.  So often, we go about our day-to-day lives, sometimes remembering and missing the dead, but it’s normally a very solitary experience.  When we get together and publicly remember them, it creates such a bond in that shared experience.  It takes the stigma away from having to be “strong.”  It allows us to comfort and be comforted.


People bring in favorite foods and flowers to decorate the altar.

Afterwards, some people will point out their loved ones and share stories over pan mexicano and chocolate.

Inspired by the holiday, I put together a really simple necklace last night.  I used a lotería card, but I’ve followed the same process before using maps.  You could use anything at all. The whole project takes about 5 minutes, not including drying time.

Lotería card (or any other image)
Plastic microscope coverslips (or other semirigid plastic shape)
Mod Podge
A jewelry awl
Large jump ring
Exacto knife


Place your slide over the are you’re going to cut out. Trace around it and cut it out.


Using your jewelry awl, poke a hole at one of the corners of the slide. I very gently rotate mine until it just goes through and makes a hole large enough for a jump ring. If you go through too far, you might crack the plastic. I have tested this theory.


Mod Podge over your image and place the slide over it. If the paste is thick in parts, that’s okay. It ends up giving it a lightly textured look, which I think is slick.

Using an Exacto knife, cut around the perimeter of the slide, making sure the edges of the image are completely flush with the slide.

Turn the slide over and Mod Podge the back of the image and the sides of the pendant.

Let dry.

Once your pendant is dry, use the awl to put a hole in the cardboard as well. I go through both sides for an even circle.


Put a jump ring through the hole and attach to a necklace. Voila! Almost instant DIY pendant necklace.  ¡Disfrútalo!

~ April


One Response to “Día de los Muertos (with a necklace tutorial)”

  1. schlagblog November 3, 2011 at 5:54 pm #

    This is a great craft idea!

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