FTW Wednesday: Color for Dummies

9 Nov


Welcome back to FTW (for the win, as a refresher) Wednesdays!  We took a break for our Halloween countdown, but we’re back, bringing you things across the internet that are adding a little win to our lives.

A week from now I’ll be moving into a new apartment.  This will be my first solo place and I’m excited to decorate in ways that are all mine.  I’ve never had a real conflict with any of my previous places, but the idea of not having to take another person’s design sensibilities into consideration makes me want to go wild.  I probably won’t be painting the walls, but I do plan to paint pretty much everything else.  I also don’t want to go make it look like a three-year-old chose the color scheme so I’ve been playing around with some tools that will help me create a coherent feel to my rooms.

So far, my favorite is Color Hunter.  It’s a site that lets you upload an image or plug in an image url and find out the color scheme of the picture.  I’ve been eying this kitchen for a while:

I plugged the url into color hunter and they gave me this color scheme:


Surprisingly Fallish.  Since my cupboards are a dark brown, this would work nicely, but how about another try…

Although this item isn’t available from the seller, I love the vintage goodness of the colors in this wastebasket.  Plug it into Color Hunter and…


The orange pretty much matches my Kitchenaid mixer and I love the sea-foam and Army greens.  Another appropriate option!

I don’t think the colors it chooses are perfect (I think the first one picked up too much of the wood to get an accurate portrayal), but I’m liking the results and can imagine living among these palettes.

If you want some more color / design inspiration, head over to Apartment Therapy.  They’re having their “Room for Color” contest now and I’m definitely ogling most of the entries.  Ah, to have wood floors…

~ April


2 Responses to “FTW Wednesday: Color for Dummies”

  1. rebecca November 15, 2011 at 5:04 pm #

    what a insanely adorable kitchen!

  2. Kerry November 16, 2011 at 1:57 pm #

    Oooh-er what a great idea! Using this NOW!

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