Crafters Anonymous

18 Jan

My name is Robin and I have an addiction….

While there were many things that contributed to the utter lack of blogging before the holidays, two of my craft projects were major time-sucks. I loved them and I wanted to write about them, but they were gifts for people who read the blog and had to be kept top-secret.

The clandestine projects were two Yosemite inspired wall hangings using the same fusible web applique technique that I used for the Witchy Wall Hanging.   I’m insanely proud of how they turned out.

Photo by Jason Clancy

When I first came here I was completely overwhelmed by all the scenery. Much of it went by so quickly that I couldn’t really take it in. The first sight I really remember is this awe inspiring viewpoint of Yosemite Falls, and when I decided to make a wall hanging for my parents I knew right away that it had to be of this.

In addition to edging the fused pieces with a satin stitch, I machine embroidered extra detail to mimic the vertical cracks that Yosemite rock climbers know so well.  While it added some needed embellishment, it was tedious work, and the thought of messing up terrified me.   I learned the hard way that one disadvantage of using fusible web for applique is that if you have to rip out any stitches on the finished piece the webbing leaves big unsightly holes in the fabric. The quilting I kept to bare minimum, just around the edge of the falls, skyline, and border to add a little bit of contrast.

Photo by Jason Clancy

I went crazy with hand painted fabrics on both of these projects. I found a few printed fabrics with convincing rock and forest textures, (like the brown border fabric that looks exactly like the bark of a Ponderosa Pine,) but the variegated look of the hand painted fabrics was stunning. I particularly like the way the dark brown fabric in the upper left hand corner looks like rockfall scars. (We call that the Forbidden Wall, because rockfall is so frequent that we aren’t supposed to stop there when we hike the trail beneath it.) The striped fabric also mimics very well the streaks of water and lichen that color  the cliff faces.

Photo by Derek Ferguson

I was so happy with the first wall hanging that I decided to make a second one for my friend Meg, who’s exploits include climbing the Snake Dike route on Half Dome during a full moon. This was a going away present for her since she’s headed off to Colorado to “CLIMB ALL THE THINGS!!!

I tried to use the texture of the fabrics to their greatest advantage and only used a tiny bit of thread painting on the left half of the face of Half Dome. I quilted it with a silver lamé thread to give the impression of moonlight.  Apparently “stars” and “silver seed beads” are forever associated in my head because I made the stars with the same beads I used for the night sky pendants.  I am particularly proud of the bias tape border with mitered corners. I’ve been trying to perfect this technique for a long time and I think I finally nailed it.

So yes, I may have a bit of a wall hanging problem. I have plans for three more and I have no desire to quit. Brace yourself.



One Response to “Crafters Anonymous”

  1. April's mom January 24, 2012 at 4:23 am #

    robin you are an artiste!

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