Super Soak Sunday

6 Feb

I really want to tell y’all about my trip to the Philippines, but if I learned anything from scrapbooking, it’s that you’re supposed to start with your most recent memories first.  My scrapbook is still sitting with January of 2008 halfway finished, so that tells you how long it’s been since scrapbooking has taught me anything new.

My most recent adventure began when the boyfriend and I decided to take advantage of the Super Bowl enticing most people to stay indoors and eat their way through the snack aisle.  He had heard of some hot springs not too far away so Sunday morning we took off to Bowen Ranch where the trail to the hot springs began.


Don’t let the desert aura confuse you.  While it was a beautiful 70-something degrees in Orange County, at 3,000 feet Apple Valley was windy and near 50.  I know this still sounds like a balmy Spring day to most of the country at this point, but when you’ve not thought to dress for an elevation change, it feels a bit colder.


The trail drops down quickly. Since we already took a few back roads to even get to the trail head, once you make the initial descent, it feels like you’re miles away from anyone. I’ve always found this feeling difficult to capture in Southern California, where most of the desert vistas go on long enough for you to see civilization, or at least a bit of smog. Here, we were surrounded by the San Bernardino mountains, which cut us off quite well.

Deep creek hot springs with label

The hike is about 2 and a half miles down to the springs. The whole way down there was something in the back of my head saying “You’re going to have to go back up this, you know that, right?” but I found it best to ignore this part. Once we reached the river, we faced our first obstacle. To get to the springs, you have to cross the river, which, by the way, is bloody freezing. Luckily, there are a variety of hot tubs to warm you up on the other side. There are three main pools, ranging from lukewarm bathwater to hot enough for people to be attempting to cook canned food.

Hot springs occur when water which has been traveling deep underground gets heated by the earth’s higher temperature at these depths. If the water is forced to the surface quickly enough, it retains that heat. Sometimes it also retains a sulfurous smell, but the Deep Creek Springs don’t have that defect.

I know at this point you’re wondering why I don’t have awesome pictures of the pools. As you would expect, the pools are clothing optional and I didn’t feel like asking any of the more adventurous bathers if they would mind me putting them on my blog for all to see. I’m not entirely sure they would have said no, but it was beyond my boldness.  You can see a pretty fantastic picture (and description) over at Weekend Sherpa.


You can, however, see me sitting at the bottom of the trail by the stream after once again trudging through the icy water back to dry land (a much harder task to set your mind to after lounging in the springs for an hour).


The walk back was a little more difficult. Of course, I was only that far behind because I was taking pictures. Otherwise I’d have been back to the car already. Obviously.

The trials were all worth it though, and much less painful than watching the Super Bowl.

~ april


One Response to “Super Soak Sunday”

  1. Rosemary Durda February 6, 2012 at 4:19 pm #

    Sounds amazingly fun funf!! Next I want pics of the Philippine trip!

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