FTW Wednesday: Produce Geek!

14 Mar


Yes, I am in fact alive.  Yes, I also suck at regularly posting.  For that, I must apologize.  Hopefully, you’ll find this little tidbit as awesome as I do.

I work with Produce on a daily basis, and in the last year it’s really opened my eyes to the Seasons in a whole new way.  I watch as prices fluctuate and quality tapers off at the end of a season, or picks back up when it gets into full swing.  I watch in amazement as people play $10 for Organic Strawberries in the middle of winter.  I get to try everything year round, and experience the changes.  It’s really an awesome experience.  It has opened my eyes.

Like I often do, I hunt around online for stuff I like.  I came across a great website, Produce Geek. They post once a week to tell you what is at Peak Season, Value Priced, or just otherwise tasty. They also have an Organic Produce Geek. Check them out, and let me know what you think!

Produce humor...a.k.a - We got bored XD



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