Every Now and Then I Fall Apart…

21 May

Guys, I have so much to share I think I’m having information overload and therefore am not sharing a darn thing. I’ve done so much over the past month or so. My camera is full to bursting with pictures of mini-vacations and projects, yet the blog has just been sitting here quietly twiddling its thumbs and watching reruns of Dr. Who (the blog’s a total nerd).

In the name of not completely abandoning the blog, I give you a quick post.

Yesterday, there was an annular eclipse of the sun in Asia and along the west coast of the U.S. While I wasn’t in the path of the full eclipse, we did get an 88% view of it. My boyfriend, his family and yours truly headed down to the Huntington Beach pier to get dinner at Ruby’s and watch the spectacle.

I was willing to burn out my corneas, but luckily just enough cloud cover came by to give us amazing views of the event without special equipment. I didn’t bring a camera because I figured I wouldn’t get a good shot, but with the clouds even my camera phone worked.





Now, to make sure I’m in the true total eclipse’s path in 2017.

~ April


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