Postcard from the Blue

5 Jul

Dear Blog,


Life by the ocean continues to amaze. I’m still fixated on tide pools and the crazy critters that live there.


I’m in the middle of reading The World is Blue by National Geographic explorer Sylvia A. Earle. It’s a fascinating book, and Sylvia has convinced me to stop eating seafood almost entirely. Right on cue, I started craving sushi.

Fortunately the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s has a guide called Seafood Watch. I downloaded it on my iPod and the app is easy to use. Unfortunately, finding sustainably caught seafood (even in a big city located on the ocean) is much more difficult. I may eat nothing but catfish and Merced River trout for the rest of my life but I don’t mind.


I can’t decide which I’m more in love with, anemones or urchins. A few days ago I watched a sea urchin circumnavigate an anemone. I don’t know why the urchin did it. Maybe he decided it was time for a walk, or maybe it was the sea urchin equivalent of doing doughnuts in the parking lot. The whole trip took about five minutes and covered about eight inches, but we were all riveted.


Hey, look I made a friend!



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