Second Time….Ain’t Too Shabby Either

3 Sep

April and I are almost living parallel lives this summer…. Except that April seems to be sneakily doing everything before me. Remember when she visited San Francisco the week before I moved there?


I wonder if she managed to take better pictures of the baby ostriches at the California Academy of Sciences?

Then she had the nerve to visit her family in Ohio the week before I flew in. The fates had the mercy to delay her departing flight long enough for us to meet up in the airport after my plane arrived.


(For the record, Great Lakes Brewery in the Cleveland Airport is a poor imitation of the actual Great Lakes Brewery.)

Then August happened. I found myself in another whirlwind of flying back from Ohio, moving back to Yosemite, and preparing for a long-anticipated backpacking trip with friends. In the midst of all the chaos I had just enough time to call April to see how her first backpacking trip went.

I’m only going to let you guess once, but where do you think me and my friends had already gotten our permits for?


I’m going to go ahead and just steal this photo from April’s flickr because you can see the spot where we camped at Garnet Lake about a week and a half later.

Despite the déjà vu quality of my experiences I have been having a blast and there are a ton of things that I want to blog about as soon as I can find the time. In the meantime I’m going to shower for the first time in ten days, sleep in an actual bed, and possibly unpack all the stuff that has been sitting in boxes since I moved two and a half weeks ago. Pictures will ensue as soon as I remember where I packed my camera cord.



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