Backpacking, En Plein Air

2 Oct

Sage Flowers

Sage Blossoms and Rock

Back in the beginning of August (which feels like a million years ago) I went backpacking in the Ansel Adams Wilderness. While I did bring my camera, I also plundered Adrienne’s idea of stashing watercolors in my pack and capturing the scenery en plein air.


Banner Peak and Snowfield

At first I was a little uncertain. I’ve always struggled with watercolors, and making paintings that actually look like something you see in real life is not my forte.

Agnes Lake

Agnes Lake

(Hey Aprilly, was it just me or did Agnes Lake totally remind you of RIVEN?)

My friend Jackie encouraged me to experiment with one minute drawings:

1 minute drawing

One Minute Drawing of Glacier on North Side of Ritter

My one minute got stretched to two three four minutes but I was inspired by the results.

Banner Peak2

Banner Peak

As I experimented more boldly with the watercolors an aesthetic began to emerge:


Rainbow Glacier, between Banner Peak and Mount Ritter

Apparently my aesthetic is defined by an unmitigated obsession with rainbows.


Ok….I may also be slightly obsessed with pikas.



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