And That’s Why You Should Always Wipe Your Feet

16 Oct

Every October I try to add a new homemade Halloween decoration to my collection.  Last year it was my calavera.  The year before I made my Halloween countdown calendar.  This year, I have not just one, but two awesome projects to share with you.  The first one came to me on August 10th.  I know because I hurriedly entered into the notes section of my phone. The note reads, in its entirety, “Get Ikea mat and fake arm or leg to make Halloween door mat.”  This left me with some room for creativity.

I started with the door mat and some painter’s tape and a cat (the last part is not necessary or even advised).
I tried to take the easy way out and buy stencils, but a) I didn’t really like any of them and b) the ones I did buy were too large.  So I took to the internet ( specifically) and downloaded a likely font.  You could use any one you like, but I’d suggest sticking to their stencil section.  They’re generally a lot of straight lines (easy to cut out) and have “bridges” that keep the letters together.  You don’t want to cut out the center of an O and have to line it up later.  It’s better to have a section connecting the center to your paper.  I used XXII Army.


Although I printed my words onto regular paper, I then glued it to this adventure paper.  It’s a paper usually used for maps, but is great for stencils because it stands up to a few uses.  I wanted my stencil to survive its first application in case it didn’t turn out like I wanted.

After I cut my words out of the adventure paper, I arranged them how I wanted them on my mat.


I covered anything that wasn’t going to be spray painted with painter’s tape.

And then I sprayed.



So now it was a nice normal door mat.  “Please Wipe Your Feet” is a perfectly reasonable request right?  Unless maybe you lost one from a psycho killer…


For the Halloween flourish, I glued a leg I bought at the Halloween store across the street and replaced “feet” with something more appropriate by painting over it with blood acrylic paint.

What do you think?  And by the way… the next project is the wreath.  It glows in the dark!




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