Easy Elegant Wine Glass Flair

19 Nov

The holidays are the only time of year I attempt to pull off fancy table settings. This is difficult if your dishes, like mine, are mismatched. (There are many dishes in our cabinet that don’t even match anything else in the entire house, let alone the other place settings.) I choose to compensate by thinking that it’s charming and bohemian, but you can also impress your holiday guests with these wine glasses. They are a quick and painless way to add some flair to your place settings.


Wire (somewhere between a 20 and 24 gauge)
Wire Clippers
Needle Nose Pliers
An assortment of glass or plastic beads ( Hard learned lesson; make sure the holes are big enough for the wire to fit through)
Wine Glasses


Start by stringing your beads onto the wire. I usually make the beaded section shorter than the length of the wine glass stem, but feel free to experiment.



With the needle nose pliers create a small hook in the end of the wire. Create a loop of wire around the base of the wine glass stem and secure it by sliding the length of wire through the hook, then close the hook into a loop with the pliers. If you want to add a charm to the bottom of the glass I found stringing the charm on this loop secures it the best.


Arrange the beads where you want them and secure them by looping the wire around the stem. Experiment with using different wrapping patterns and different amounts of wire and beads.


When you are done wrapping you need to bury the end of the wire somewhere in your creation. The easiest way to do is to clip the wire and leave a tail of about three inches. Thread the wire end through the wrapped wire close to the glass stem and trim. If you didn’t use a lot of wire on your glasses you can hide the wire by pushing it through a bead and trimming the end.

Wham-o. Impress away.

Full Disclosure: I once made (with the assistance of a few very gracious and patient friends) over a hundred of these suckers for a wedding. The finished product made for great wedding favors and got a lot of praise. However, such an undertaking is not for the faint of heart and will require many episodes of Doctor Who. You have been warned.



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