Fruitful Sushi

16 Jan


This past fall my friend Sarah got me hooked on foraging foods from the canyon around El Portal. Before El Portal was a commuter town for Yosemite employees it was home to miners, loggers, and the terminus for the Yosemite Railroad. Supposedly most of the plants we were scrounging from date back to that era. Since we no longer sell the surplus fruit to tourists arriving on the train we mostly worry about the fruit trees attracting bears.


I was a little whelmed trying to figure out what to do with all of these figs until I remembered an ingenious dish some friends prepared years ago.


I had been craving sushi since the moment I decided to give up eating fish. My first attempt at making vegetarian sushi was edible but not at all satisfying. The figs have the same texture as fish and add an interesting flavor without being too sweet.


I want to try substituting tofu for the cream cheese for a vegan friendly version. What other variations should I try?



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