Photo Adventure: Hite Cove

31 Mar


Lately, I have been spending a ridiculous amount of time inside, but yesterday I woke up determined to hike Hite Cove. I’ve been on a bit of a painting kick lately, so I tossed some water color stuff in my backpack and set off. Of course when I got to a gorgeous spot on the trail I discovered that I absolutely did NOT want to paint. Fortunately, I had also brought my camera with me, and I was content to just snap photos as I went along.






I’m the type of person who packs a camera and field guides and binoculars and a journal, AND art supplies for a hike, and then I spend hours just throwing rocks into the river. I am baffled by how finicky I can be when it comes to entertaining myself. (I can’t even imagine how the people around me must feel.) Most of the time it’s frustrating to carry all that stuff and not use it, but on days like this it’s totally worth the extra weight.

Sometimes the heart just wants what the heart wants.


Pssst! You can find more Hite Cove pictures in my flickr set.


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