Earth Day: For Every Lifestyle

1 Apr

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We have all heard, or maybe even said, the following: “I can’t afford to buy organic!” “Carpooling doesn’t work for my schedule!” “I don’t have time to recycle!” “I can’t compost in my apartment!” Or the big one, “I’m one person, I can’t possibly make a difference!

Sometimes these excuses are just that: excuses. But sometimes they can be real barriers to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

For the month of April, we at Without a Map wanted to have a month-long celebration of Earth Day with tips and tricks for going green. However, we quickly realized that what is practical for us may not be practical for everyone else. We also know from personal experience how easy it is to get overwhelmed by all the possibilities, and sometimes conflicting information, about how to go green.

So we started re-imagining our strategy and came up with the theme: Earth Day for Every Lifestyle. We are striving to offer up suggestions for ways to live a more earth-friendly lifestyle and also share our own challenges on the path to greener living. I want to be perfectly clear: these are intended as suggestions for ways to go green, not judgments if you can’t do them.

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Chances are, you already do something that is good for the environment. What is it? Do you use tap water instead of buying bottled water? Do you donate your old clothes to Goodwill? Maybe you bought energy efficient appliances to save money. Congratulations, and thanks for helping our planet!

If you are ready to take another step towards being greener, I’m going to ask you to ponder two questions that are a good starting point for anyone, from the hybrid-driving divas to the greenhorn greenies who are just starting out:

1. What is important to you?

There are a number of reasons to go green. The simplest reason is a love of nature and the planet, but for many people that reason by itself isn’t enough of a motivation for action. Living more sustainably could also be an opportunity to save money, help others in need, or live a healthier lifestyle. What appeals to you? Why do you want to go green? If you adopt greener practices based on these values you will be much more likely to follow through with them.

2. What are your most abundant and least abundant resources?

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses allows you to start off your quest to be more earth-friendly with reasonable expectations. There are a number of personal resources that affect our ability to adopt specific practices. The most significant ones I could think of are time and money, but they could include many other things like space, location, and access to information.

We want to explore these questions and more in other posts but I want to end this one with one more important thing:

Don’t give up.

If you have tried, but failed, at doing something that was good for the environment, don’t be afraid to try again with a new technique or a fresh start. If going green was 100% easy we wouldn’t need Earth Day. And don’t even dare to think that what you do doesn’t make a difference:

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You heard the lady.



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