Earth Day: Room by Room in the Bathroom

6 Apr

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For our Earth Day posts, I’m going share a short series on ways to go green in different rooms of your home.  I’ll throw out a few tips – some that I do and some that I don’t.  Hopefully there will be something on here that will help you out.

I guess it’s kind of weird to start anything with the bathroom, but there are so many things that we can do differently in this area of the house that it’s a natural starting point.  I decided to start this series by looking at my bathroom and seeing what challenges and possibilities exist for green living.

The first thing I did was to pull out my cell phone and scan pretty much everything with my GoodGuide app.  The Good Guide rates different products based on different factors such as its impact on health, environment and society.  There are so many chemicals in the personal care products and cleansers we use in the bathroom.  I’m pretty cautious about the kind of things I put on my skin, so I was confident that I’d do well on this test.  I was mistaken.

I was truly surprised by my findings.  Some of the things I thought would be shining examples were fairly low, while one of the heavy-duty cleaners I felt a little guilty for purchasing was at the higher end.


While I know reading labels can help, I already do that, so I’ve committed to using the Good Guide more often while shopping.  The Alba face wash had all the right claims on it and a fine-looking ingredient list, but still raises red flags.  The Guide allows you to search for better alternatives, so I’ll be looking at those in the future.

Beauty products have other environmental factors, such as packaging to be concerned about, too.  Most beauty products have packaging that can be recycled or you can opt for a product that uses less packaging.  Whenever you consider trashing a product because you don’t like the way it works or aren’t happy with the ingredients, take this into consideration.  If you don’t like it, maybe you have a friend that would like to use it instead.  If you don’t like the ingredients, think carefully before throwing it out.  If you’ve been using it for a while already, honestly a few more weeks probably won’t hurt and it will keep you from purchasing a new product before you need it, thus creating less waste.

These are just some environmental issues you might encounter in your bathroom cabinet.  Here are some quick tips for other issues:

  • Take shorter showers
  • Wash your towels less.
  • Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth or shaving.
  • Purchase recycled toilet paper.
  • Install low-flow shower heads or dual-flush toilets if you can.
  • Make your own cleaning products (here’s one list).
  • Make sure your shower curtain (or liner) is PVC free.
  • Find more tips over at tiny choices and treehugger.

~ April


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