Earth Day: Green is the New Black

7 Apr


Let’s face it – green is hip and that’s great.  I’ve heard a bit of whining here and there from the old-school greenies who were dumpster diving back before it was cool, but this represents a step forward for the environmental movement.

So if being in style is on your list of priorities here are a few ideas to get you started:

Upcycling:  Upcycling is the process of taking stuff that is headed for the waste stream and turning it into a new product. Like recycling, but sexier.

If you are craftily inclined there are zillions of upcycling possibilities, from plarn to t-shirt surgery. Between Craftster and Pinterest there are enough ideas to keep you busy for at least a couple of years. Only think twice before upcycling books. (You might make April cry.)

If you aren’t stoked about creating your own upcycled stuff there are lots of nifty products on the market. Companies like Terracycle and Alchemy Goods make a huge variety of quality products out of everyday trash. I really like these speakers. And this belt. (Hint. Hint.) You can always find tons of handmade upcycled products on etsy.

Shop At a Farmers Market: You can locate farmers markets and CSA’s here.

Go Thrift Shopping: Even if you can’t rock the come-up like Macklemore, you are doing good things for the environment by not creating demand for new goods. Just stay away from this store.

Ride Your Bike: but beware of fixies.

Ditch the Plastic Water Bottle: I find it a little absurd that bottled water has lasted in the U.S for as long as it has. The solution is easy, and better yet, offers opportunity for self-expression.

You can find reusable water bottles for any style, from the sleek bamboo and stainless steel look of a Klean Kanteen, to the “Dude, I have a mountain to summit and a river to paddle,” look of a Platypus. There are even slick looking bottles with built in filters if you don’t like the taste of your tap water. You can further customize them with stickers from your favorite obscure band.


P.S. If you want more ideas from someone who doesn’t have documented dubious fashion sensibilities check in with Eco-Chick.

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