Earth Day: Trash Talk

8 Apr

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Have you ever seen your local trash dump? Where I grew up it was hard to miss. Anytime you wanted to drive anywhere, you’d pass it, just piling up alongside the highway. Every night, landfills cover their garbage with dirt or tarps so it just looked like a hill – not menacing or dirty. Cities are really good at hiding their garbage, or at least disguising it. Where I live now, I have never seen where my trash ends up. I put it in a bag, toss it in the garbage bins and never think of it again.

Photo courtesy of Orange County Waste & Recycling

I wonder if this attitude is a problem. By putting our collective refuse out of sight, we don’t have to acknowledge that it exists or how much of an impact it has. Maybe if we could see all that waste right in front of us, we’d be more inclined to be conscientious about what we throw away.

So my tip for today is to find out where your garbage lives. If you don’t want to take a walk down to the dump, that’s just fine. A quick search for landfills in your area will be sure to turn up a few. Orange County’s government site has a list of our landfills with pictures. If you want a better look, just find the name of your landfill and search for pictures on Google.

You may be a miniscule percentage of that waste, but your choices do have an impact. Next time you choose to throw away rather than recycle or reuse, picture that dump and remember that your actions produce concrete results.

~ April


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