Earth Day: 15 Ways to Celebrate

19 Apr

Earth Day Banner

It’s coming…. Monday is Earth Day.  I’m not going to claim we started the craze (if you wanted to start the rumor, that’s okay), but a lot of organizations seem to have moved from celebrating Earth Day to celebrating Earth Month.  We encourage celebration of Earth Month, but everyone knows the day of is actually the best.  It’s like preparing all December for Christmas, which is fun, but there’s nothing like Christmas Day.  Yes, I may have just compared Earth Day to Christmas Day.  To celebrate the sort of days that encourage children to rise early just so they can experience more of it, one must prepare carefully.  To make sure you don’t miss out on this joyous occasion, here are some ways you might choose to commemorate April 22nd.

1. Attend a community event  – The EPA has a comprehensive list of activities and volunteer opportunities.
2. Pledge an Act of Green
3. Take a Hike
4. Plant a tree (or a flower)
5. Make a birdfeeder
6. Have a picnic
7. Go see Robin dress up as the bag-lady for Yosemite’s Earth Day Campfire. (She won’t even have to wear a costume!)
8. Stargaze
9. Go for a bike ride
10. Volunteer
11. Try your hand at geocaching
12. Set up an Earth Day scavenger hunt
13. Go to a Farmer’s Market
14. Visit an arboretum
15. Visit a National Park. They’re free from April 22nd – April 26!



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