Earth Day: For the Busy Schedule

23 Apr

If you are as addicted to Pinterest as I am you have probably seen this by now:


Sadly, I couldn’t find a source for the image (yes April, I tried that).  For some reason I could not stop thinking about it as I wrote this post.  I have my own pet peeves about a lot of disposable convenience products, particularly marketing tactics that create a false need for a product. Bottled water is a great example of this, but a lot of marketing strategies hook our attention by convincing us that we don’t have enough time and that their product can fix that.

I started wondering “How much free-time does the average American consumer actually have?” The answer to this question, as it turns out, is rather fascinating, but it’s almost hopelessly complicated.

As I started looking for quick and easy ways to go green I found great ideas, but I was further frustrated at my inability to find things that took zero time to implement. Ultimately, I decided to assume that if you have time to read this (or browse Pinterest,) you probably have at least a little bit of time you could carve out of your schedule to make your life a little greener.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

Replace Your Light Bulbs With Compact Fluorescent Bulbs: These bulbs last longer than incandescent bulbs saving you time between replacements, but disposal may require a little extra effort as they can’t be tossed into the trash or recycling bin.

Use Resuable Cloth Bags: Keep them in your car so you don’t forget them!

Lower your Thermostat: This only requires a few seconds and a sweater.

Wash Green: Wait until you have a full load before you do your laundry or dishes and use cold water whenever possible to save energy. Hey, wouldn’t doing laundry less also save you time?

Shop Green: Apps like the Good Guide and the Better World Shopping Guide make finding greener alternatives easy. Buying online can save time, and it’s usually more eco-friendly.

Use an Eco-Friendly Day Planner: It may even give you some new ideas!


P.S. There are a few things on our list of money saving green tactics that could also be adopted into a busy schedule. Isn’t that a win/win?

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