Earth Day: Recycling Wrap Up

30 Apr

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You can call me a procrastinator because, well, I am.  While I’ve dutifully been recycling this month, I completely avoided going to the actual recycling center until about 9 AM this morning.  I didn’t even go to the closest one.  Instead I opted for the one on my drive to work.  And my experience?  I drove in, dropped off my one bag of paper recycling and headed out.  That’s it.  I think it took less than 5 minutes since I made it to work on time at 9:30.

So what have a learned from a month of getting back in the recycling habit?

  • I don’t generate a lot of recycling.  Over the month I ended up with two paper bags of mixed plastic and glass and one paper bag of paper as well as two or three cardboard boxes.  It’s not as much as I thought I’d have, but it’s still a substantial enough amount for one person to continue the habit.
  • It takes no time.  Seriously.  I can’t imagine that the actual separation of recycling and drop off at the center (and mostly at my boyfriend’s house or work) took up more than 15-20 minutes of my entire month.
  • Robin is right.  Reduce.  Reduce.  Reduce.  That’s the key to making recycling super easy.  When you don’t bring many new items into your house to recycle, it’s easier to recycle what you do have.
  • Recycling centers still scare me.  I don’t know why.  I feel like they should be havens of green in a nice park-like area or something, but they’re always tucked into shady parking lots or in industrial wastelands.  It turns out trash isn’t a pretty job.

Earth Day isn’t quite over.  We still have our giveaway open until 11:59 PM PST tonight, so don’t forget to enter.  Robin and I are a little Earth Day-ed out by now, but we have a ton of great posts coming up, including the announcement of a new challenge.  Thanks for spending the month with us.

~ April


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