DSLR Adventure

3 May

A while ago my brother upgraded to a new fancy-pants DSLR camera. He gave me his old Canon Rebel with the instructions to go out and only shoot in manual mode until I got the hang of it. I did: once. After two hours of shooting and playing with the controls I had a million photos of Joshua Tree that looked like this:


I kind of gave up.

The camera sat in my room for months collecting dust. I would take it out occasionally (ie, when my other camera was dead,) and take a few shots in auto mode and stare at the little “M” on the dial with pangs of regret and guilt. Then Yosemite did something that provided the motivation I needed.

I made a little cheat sheet reminding me about F#s and their relationship with aperture, and what the heck ISO is. I grabbed the camera, borrowed a tripod, and hiked up the Four Mile Trail in the dark. I took over a hundred photos that night but one of them turned out like this:


The handful of shots that weren’t too dark, too blown out, or too blurry were totally worth it. I’m not the next Ansel Adams or Nancy Robbins, but I feel pretty successful. Of course, it would have still been worth it if all I had gotten out of the experience was a chance to see Yosemite out do itself by making a rainbow out of freakin’moonbeams!


P.S. Thanks to Derek Ferguson for convincing me to borrow the tripod. That was clutch.

P.P.S. There’s a Yosemite Nature Notes on Moonbows!


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