Dumpster Gifts

17 Jun

Well, I already failed the Destash Bash Challenge, kind of.


While I was sewing additional straps onto my guitalele case I realized that I only had one sewing needle left. I had an entire package of needles at the beginning of the year but I don’t know where they have disappeared to. I recently cleaned and reorganized all of my stuff, so it is unlikely that they got buried in a long forgotten box. There is one person on my list of suspects, but I can prove nothing yet.

So I caved. I didn’t want to find myself in the middle of a project without a needle, and since people come to me when they need to borrow sewing supplies it seemed unlikely that I would be able to easily borrow one from someone else. So I bought a $1.69 pack of needles at the grocery store and guiltily tossed it into my sewing box.

A few days later my friend Derek told me he had found something on the dumpster for me. Isn’t that sweet?


(El Portalians have a habit of putting unwanted stuff on top of or next to the dumpsters in the hope that somebody else will want it. This is a point of contention in the community, as stuff tends to clutter the area around the dumpster for a long time if no one snags it. For the record, I haven’t ditched anything on the dumpster, but I have scored some great artwork and a wood burner from it.)

The thread was in great condition, and I know I will be able to use a lot of it but even better…..


Hidden at the bottom of the box I found five sewing needles and a tapestry needle. I now have Six sewing needles. Six! It was a bit like this moment: (except I wasn’t starving or in Antarctica.)

I felt like an idiot, but I returned the $1.69 package of needles. We’ll just call that little transgression a wash, shall we?


P.S. for more background on the video check out the always fabulous Radio Lab Podcast on bliss.


2 Responses to “Dumpster Gifts”

  1. Mara June 17, 2013 at 5:55 pm #

    Robin-There are 2 local girls interested in learning to sew. Are you up for a little different bit of teaching upon your return? Also, you will need to check out Hugh’s pants that I made into capris!


  1. Destash Bash Roundup | Without a Map - December 14, 2013

    […] for materials needed to finish a project, and stuff acquired from thrift stores and free boxes (and dumpsters too, apparently.) Since May we have […]

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