Civil War Serenades Part II

4 Jul

Yesterday April wrote about preparing for her trip to Gettysburg and asked for music recommendations. I was slightly hurt that she didn’t consult me first. After all, April has visited many historic sites with me, and my contagious enthusiasm for them has resulted in several engaging discussions between us. For example, many years ago we visited Plymouth Plantation together, prompting her to exclaim “Oh my God Robin, you do not have to read every #%$&-ing sign in the place!”

While I would have heartily endorsed watching Gettysburg if she had asked, I would have also recommended that she keep a map handy during the viewing to make sense of all the intricacies of troop movements on the terrain.

Had I known April had any interest in the subject, I could have recommended Ken Burn’s fabulous documentary The Civil War. This documentary changed historical documentaries forever. It was made over 20 years ago and historians are still talking about it. (I guess that that isn’t very surprising.  Historians are rather loquacious when it comes to things that happened a long time ago.)  I would have also told her that this documentary was so iconic that Community did a parody of it.  Had she inquired about locating a copy, I could have told her it was available on Netflix streaming.

Finally, I could have provided several Civil War themed songs for her playlist. I created my own on 8tracks but you can listen to some fabulous tracks on Youtube:





(Ok, I know that last one wasn’t historically accurate. Obviously the Union didn’t use blasters until after Gettysburg.)



2 Responses to “Civil War Serenades Part II”

  1. mara July 4, 2013 at 2:54 pm #

    Golly Robin, I wish you were here with us in Philly! Don’t worry, though, I am doing the Jr Ranger program.

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