Canning Again

22 Jul

It’s been forever since I canned.  “Oh, April,” you say, “Don’t exaggerate so!” (I love how proper you are.)  Okay, it obviously hasn’t been forever, but to give you an idea of time I’m pretty sure this is the last thing I canned.  That was 2011 guys!  That’s over two years ago!  Part of the problem is that I realized that I don’t really like jams and jellies.  And I’m not that convinced my loved ones like them that much either.  So, while I enjoy the creativity of it, my overflowing cupboard of canned goods started dissuading me.  Also, I just wasn’t home as much anymore and it seemed like when I did have a day to myself it was used for cleaning.  That’s one fun aspect of living solo.

Even though I haven’t canned much, I did have the intention to and last year I purchased this pot which was recommended by Food in Jars.  I do love this pot.  I use it for steaming and boiling veggies, boiling water for tea, cooking pasta… you name it.  I just hadn’t used it for the purpose I had purchased it for until last week.

As I told you earlier, my garden is tripping me out this year.  I can’t believe I’ve been able to get so much out of a few pots!  Last year, I had planted four pots of cucumbers in the hopes of pickling something I grew and all four of them died.  This year, in a that continuing quest, I purchased a pepperocini plant.  I love pickled pepperocinis on sandwiches or in salads and my serrano and cayenne plants were pretty successful last year, so it seemed like a good choice.

I finally had a good bumper crop of pepperocinis – about seven good-sized peppers – so I took to the stove.  I grabbed some serranos and put them in with a second 4 oz batch.  I’m interested to see how the pickled serranos taste in my guacamole.  With the smaller pot, it only took about an hour to prepare and can my goods, rather than the half a day it takes with the big guy. 

I just made a brine of three cups of water, one cup of white vinegar and about a tablespoon and a half of pickling salt.  I packed the peppers in (probably not as tightly as I could have) with half a garlic clove.  I put a small slice in the serranos first, but pickled them whole. 


Now it’s the worst part o pickling… time to wait and see how this batch went.  I’m hoping to get another dozen or so peppers to make another set in the next few weeks.  This small batch canning is addicting!

~ April


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