Photo Adventure: Mono Lake

5 Aug

These photos are from a weekend trip I took to the Eastern Sierra way back in April. I am posting them now because I, in a manner quite typical of my normal genius, left my camera in Rebecca’s car just before she headed off to Seattle for the summer.


That’s Rebecca, in case you wondering what she looks like. (I told you she looks stunning in blue.)


Tufa at Mono Lake. It was insane how many times the ranger had to ask people to not climb on the tufa in the hour that we were there. There are tons of signs explaining that the tufa are fragile and asking people to stay off them. I can’t imagine how much damage is caused in times when rangers can’t be there to supervise.


My watercolor version of tufa. If you look closely at the photograph you can make out the osprey nest.


The clouds were acting crazy beautiful while we were there.


The sunset wasn’t too shabby either.


P.S. Thanks to Rebecca for mailing my camera!


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