In a Pickle

17 Sep

The great 2013 Yosemite canning bender all started with my friends Lauren and Glikin. They recently bought a beautiful patch of dirt in Cathey’s Valley and started Raw Roots Farm. When I got back into town I stopped by their table at taco night and bought a few of these cute little cucumbers. Little did I know that those cucumbers would be the tiny little pebbles that started the avalanche.


I took them home and made them into refrigerator pickles. I used fresh dill because I didn’t have any dill seed and because fresh dill is one of the most magical things on earth.


The recipe also said to let them cure for at least a day before eating them but I got curious about twelve hours later and tried one. With the help of a few roommates and friends that first jar barely lasted a day.

Thanks for the cucumbers guys! If you hurry I might let you try some from the last jar before they disappear.



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