The Great Tomato Canning Adventure

19 Sep


Aside from it’s rampant popularity, there were two reasons why canning piqued my interest. I like the idea of eating seasonally and locally, and I would love to reduce the number of jars I pitch into the recycle bin. I realized that I use a lot of canned products, particularly marinara sauce and salsa. The rate at which I accumulate these jars is frankly alarming. Fortunately my canning bender and tomato season hit about the same time.

I started with this salsa. I had never heard of Anaheim peppers before reading the recipe.


As it turns out Anaheim peppers are a bit grumpy.

The best part of this recipe is the roasting. I have a bit of experience roasting peppers, but I had never even considered roasting tomatoes before. It was a revelation. It filled the house with an amazing tomatoey aroma, and the tomatoes tasted incredible. I even enjoyed munching on the leftover tomato skins. In the future I will be looking for any excuse I can find to to roast tomatoes.


Happy Spoon also approves of roasted tomatoes.

I was so happy with how the salsa came out that I decided I wanted to roast the rest of my tomatoes. I had originally planned to make marinara sauce with them, but I was horrified appalled outraged shocked when I saw that the recipe called for ten pounds of tomatoes to make three itty bitty pint jars of sauce. I have never made marinara sauce from scratch before; I had no idea that the jars of store bought sauce that I crack open nearly every single week use so much.


Instead I opted for this recipe which calls for roasting then canning the tomatoes whole. This does mean that when I want to use these suckers I’m going to have to go through some extra work to turn them into sauce.


Happy Spoon promises to be there for me when that time comes. I hope it’s worth it.



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