A Tisket, a Tasket; Hey Look Everyone! I Made a Basket!!!!

24 Oct

I wanted to blog about the Miwok Basketry workshop I took last month and then, well, life happened.


Before I took the workshop I knew that you could see tons of baskets in the Yosemite Museum and very little else. I knew what some of the baskets were used for, and I could see there was a variety of construction designs but everything else was a mystery.


The workshop was offered by the Yosemite Conservancy and was taught by the amazing Julia Parker and her family. The baskets we made were miniature versions of conical burden baskets.


I had a tiny bit of experience making baskets on a Shaker style basket mold. This didn’t really prepare me at all for this style of basketry. The quote that best sums up the process was “If it doesn’t feel like it’s about to fall apart in your hands, it’s probably time to add more spokes.”


We worked mostly with tule grass and a little bit of cattail. One consequence of taking this class is that I can no longer walk through a meadow without thinking Ooh, you can make a basket out of that!


At the end of the workshop I spent over an hour in the museum looking at the baskets again. Keep in mind that I already go into the museum nearly every week. I love learning to appreciate something that’s already under my nose.


I wound up buying a $9 awl for the workshop because it was the only thing on the materials list that I couldn’t find or borrow. In retrospect I probably didn’t really need it, so I’m a little disappointed to have broken the rules of the Destash Bash. I’ll get over it, eventually. Meanwhile, I’ll entertain myself by finding things to poke holes in.


Overall I loved the workshop, and I might even try to take it again. In any event I would definitely take another class from the conservancy.



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