Making Up for Lost Time: A Halloween Wreath Tutorial

28 Oct

Hey guys!  Remember me?  It’s April.  You know, the one that doesn’t live in Yosemite.  And the one that loves Halloween so much she hasn’t posted about it at all this year.  Ugh.

This has been a very momentous month for me.  There’s just lots of awesome stuff happening and I’ve unwittingly taken a blog break to soak it all in.  I’ll share some of that with you soon, but for now let’s get back to Halloween.  Do you remember last year when I promised you a Halloween wreath tutorial?  Probably not, but I did.  And I failed, so I re-promised that I would put it out this year.  That hasn’t happened yet either, but I refuse to let you down a third time.

For my inspiration, I used this wreath from Martha Stewart.

Martha Stewart Snake Wreath

When I saw this, I thought, “Good job, Martha, but I won’t be outdone by you,” and headed to the 99 Cent Store.  For about $5 in supplies, plus some leftover black spray paint, I made my own version that even glows in the dark.  Woooo….

Supplies Needed:
Black Spray Paint
Black Craft Wire
Hot Glue Gun & Glue
Spider web that fits in the center of your wreath (You can find these at Halloween sections of stores. We used a wire version for one and a felt one for the other)
Assorted rubber creepy crawlies

Unless you bought a Halloween wreath, you’ll probably need to spray paint your wreath.  It will take a few coats, but make sure you cover all the green.


After your wreath is dry, attach your spiderweb using black craft wire.


Attach your creepy crawlies with hot glue. You might want to use more craft wire to attach any larger pieces (like the spider).


Finally, use any leftover craft wire to make a hanger for your wreath. Stick it on a wreath hanger, or just your wall and enjoy!

Spider Wreath


I think our wreath could give Martha’s a run for her millions of pounds of money. Our centipedes even glow in the dark! And check out that fantastic door mat

~ April (in Autumn)


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