3 Nov

My roommate Rebecca reacted to the Great 2013 Canning Bender with the same sassy bemusement that she reserves for, well… all of my antics. She would walk into the kitchen and see me sweating over the stove, elbow-deep in slimy peach goo, and just shake her head and quietly chuckle to herself. She must have thought I didn’t notice.

I first suspected she was up to something when I saw her CSA veggies overflowing the fridge week after week. How could a single person (even a vegetarian) eat all of that produce before it spoiled? My suspicions grew after I saw her eating pickles. Homemade pickles. Pickles that I didn’t make.

Then I found this in the kitchen:


She was definitely up to something. I laid a trap (by which I mean I sat on the counter with my camera until she walked back into the kitchen). She moved so quickly that the photos are blurry but here it is folks: photographic proof of my darkest suspicions.


This canning thing is contagious.

Alert the CDC.


P.S. She was making this recipe.


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