Photo Adventure: Randomness. Also, rainbows. Also, Ents.

19 Nov

I’ve been a total slacker about blogging lately, mostly because I’ve been working on a secret project that turned into a major time-suck. This was complicated by a lack of internet access. Now that the project is finished and I’ve figured out where to go to snipe WIFI, I have a bunch to share but not much hope of fitting it all together in any logical order. Please bear with me.

The first is a photo I took from a hike to Indian Rock forever ago.


This photo is also from several months ago.


I didn’t realize until recently that Ansel Adams took a photo in almost the same exact spot. (We both have such great taste.)

I painted this over the summer but I completely forgot about it.


I discovered it in my watercolor stuff when I ventured out to paint a fall scene in Yosemite.


This was the most incredible rainbow I’ve seen in my life.


Also, I met an ent.




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