Crafting Roundup

8 Dec

Even though I’ve been a total slacker about blogging lately, I managed to complete a few craft projects that have been communing with the dust bunnies in my closet for awhile.

The first is the pair of socks that I worked on while flying across the country earlier this fall.


They were made out of two balls of Paton’s Kroy Socks that have been sitting in my stash for ages. I love them and I loved working with this yarn even though the two balls did not match at all. (And yes, I checked, they were definitely the same dye-lot.)

I was a little hesitant to blog about this next project just because, well, it’s kinda….weird. I started this project waaaaaaaay back in 2005 when I was studying for my undergraduate degree. I wound up doing a bit of research on venus figurines and I kinda fell in love with them, particularly the Venus of Willendorf. I was at the height of a knitting craze and I decided that I wanted to make a knitted Venus of Willendorf. Actually what I really I wanted to do was create a pattern where you could mix and match features to create your own venus figurine but I got overwhelmed pretty quickly.


She was condemned to languish in my knitting bag for years until I finally decided to just knit the damn thing without trying to simultaneously write a pattern. In the end she was a challenging feat of increases, decreases, grafting, short rows, and at one point working with seven(!) double-pointed-needles at once. (I wouldn’t hold your breathe waiting for a pattern, maybe try this one instead?) I am totally delighted to have finally finally finished her but I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do with her!


For my last project I painted this a-dork-able owl on a Coldwater Creek box. The quote on the side of the lid is a Danish proverb and reads “He who is afraid to ask is ashamed of learning.” I finished it with polyurethane varnish leftover from the mirror I painted this past summer.


I hid it at Mara’s house when she wasn’t home. Have fun finding it Mara!


P.S. Did you know the Venus of Willendorf loves to make snow angels?



4 Responses to “Crafting Roundup”

  1. Mara December 8, 2013 at 5:26 pm #

    You did NOT, did you?! Oh buckets, now I probably have to clean my house to find it. And you know I love that proverb!
    What shall I do?! Is there a time limit to finding the a-dork-able owl box? Did you hide it when you were over the other night or did you sneak over here? You are a crafty & sly fox! Love you!

  2. Mara December 8, 2013 at 5:43 pm #

    P.S. Love the socks and the Venus. Did you see my Nativity scene when you snuck in, you vixen, you!?
    P.P.S. Still haven’t found the box!


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